IRCTC (e-Ticketing)


Digital Signature for IRCTC (e-Ticketing)

Forming part of the Indian Railways, IRCTC covers and operates the travel, ticketing, and tourism activities of the railways. To streamline and smoothen the booking and reservation processes, IRCTC has authorised special agents, to carry these activities out on behalf of the passengers. Hence, the concept of Digital Signature Certificate was brought in, in order to make the process of making reservations by authorized agents, simpler and more secure. It is essential, that these agents must have an Individual class 3 digital signature certificate. When an RTSA(Rail Travel Service Agent) obtains the Class 3 DSC, he logs onto the IRCTC website and verifies the authenticity of this DSC through an application. On authentication of the DSC, the agent can book any number of tickets for the passenger/s.

A Digital Signature Certificate equips you with the digital investment required to conduct transactions in a highly secure manner, ensuring absolute privacy for the information you wish to exchange. It validates your identity, making you a trustworthy entity in the digital world and encrypts your valuable information such that only the chosen recipients can read it.

The host of benefits provided by Digital Signature Certificates:

 Make online transactions secure and authentic.
 Establish ownership of a domain .
 Filing income tax returns, accessing e-tenders, signing web applications and web pages — without relying on a user name and password.
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