Digital Signature Certificate

Application Forms and Drivers

Application Forms and Drivers

This repository contains detailed information on the downloads available on our website. You will get all the DSC Applications Forms and Drivers link below.

Our Repository contains all the information on downloads available on our website. The documents are updated to the latest version and offer explicit details about the various sections. If you are an end-user looking for the application forms to apply for certificates, we would recommend you visit our certificates page which contains more detailed explanations on various types of Digital certificates we are offering, or you could download the same from below as well.

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is required for eSigning documents and e-filing of MCA returns, income tax returns, etc., For security reasons, the Digital Signature Certificate is stored on a hardware device, a Cryptographic USB Token known as ePass.

Application Forms

USB Tokens Driver

Root Chain

We have forms separated as per the user’s need. It is for individuals and organizations in Class-2 and Class-3 classification with a minimum validity of one year and a maximum of three years. Forms for foreign individuals and foreign organizations are also available. Document Signer Certificate Forms are for organizational software applications. IET DSC Forms are for Import and Export under DGFT. Government Organizational Application Forms are strictly for Government usage.

PKI Repositories are maintained by Licensed CAs and are either Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or LDAP based repositories to provide the following information:

  • 1. CA Certificates Issued to their sub-CAs.

  • 2.Certificate Revocation List (CRL).

    (a) Issued by the Licensed CA.

    (b) Issued by their sub-CAs

  • 3.Digital Signature Certificates issued by Licensed CA/sub-CA.

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