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Digital Signature Certificate for EPF

To use the Digital Signature in EPFO Under the Ministry of Labour & Employment, the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), has released an online portal, which makes it much easier to view certain information and truly simpliefies making transfer claims online by employing a digital signature. The digital signature facilitates ascertaining your identity for claims and transfers it on Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP).

A Digital Signature Certificate equips you with the digital investment required to conduct transactions in a highly secure manner, ensuring absolute privacy for the information you wish to exchange. It validates your identity, making you a trustworthy entity in the digital world and encrypts your valuable information such that only the chosen recipients can read it.

What role does DSC play in filing tax-returns?

A digital signature certificate serves to authenticate documents digitally. This process is similar to how a pen authenticates documents on paper, by using a person’s signature. No body can forge signatures made using DSC and it certifies that the person named in the document, did indeed agree to what is written on it.

EPFO simplifies the claiming process in the following ways –

Members can switch to online transfer of claims, making the process quick and easy
EPFO transfer process is transparent, convenient and efficient.
 Employer can easily authenticate and approve requests on the portal.

Now, the employer’s authorized signatories can digitally sign using Visra DSCs and submit the form online using EOTCP. Employers can use either Class 2 Digital Signature or Class 3 digital signature.

Wondering what is the difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 digital certificate? A Class 2 certificate can only be available, after being validated by a trusted database. A Class 3 certificate on the other hand, can only be downloaded after the registration authority verifies the user’s identity.

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