Document Signer Certificate

We provide Bulk Document Signer for HSM and USB to sign all types of documents (pdf, docs, etc)

What is Document Signer Certificate?


Document Signer Certificate enables automatic bulk digital signing of documents by organizations to integrating them into their software application. It is issued in the name of the Organization and is available in Class 2 and Class 3.

The ‘Organizational Document Signer Certificate’ is issued to organizational software applications for operating automatically. It authenticates documents/information associated with the organization by using Digital Signature applied to the documents/Information. They contain an additional Object Identifier (OID) in “Certificate Policies” of the certificate as (2.16.356.100.10.1) to limits the usage of this certificate. It only context of automated signing and also to reflect organizational accountability.

The Organizational Document Signer Certificates is different from a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It is issued to an Organization for use of a person. It’s official capacity bearing the name of the department or subdivision of the organization the person belongs to.

Therefore, it may be noted that it is not a replacement for the signature of the authorized signatory of the organization.


Bulk signing of invoices, claims, agreements, GST, contract notes, offer letters etc.
Online electronically digital signing of insurance policies on servers.
Signing of multiple proposals for vendor onboarding.
Automated Signing of recurring bills like postpaid mobile bills of telecom companies.
Online verification of PAN by authorized entities such as banks, insurance companies, department of commercial taxes etc.

What Visra Enterprises provides:

Bulk Document Signer on USB

Our Bulk Document Signer for USB lets multiple users sign a document. It allows bulk signing or automated signing.

Bulk Document Signer on HSM

Our Document Signer for HSM gives user the facility of multiple signature along with reduction in deployment cost of solution.

Document Signer Certificate

Our Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is in PFX format and can be installed on server for signing in bulk as well as signing in automated form.

Type of Document Signer Certificate

Document Signer Certificate Will Make YOUR Bulk Signing Easy!! Learn How

With the world turning digital, businesses are going electronic for increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs. They need to provide security and authenticity to such an electronic business.

The application of document signer certificates along with Bulk Signing Tool makes it easier for organizations to sign bulk documents without any manual intervention. It runs on the local machine and requires no manual monitoring once configured.

Document Signer Certificate when used with Bulk Singer Tool, helps you to Sign multiple documents in PDF and XML form using an X.509 certificate.

The Use Of Class 3 Document Signer Certificate:

  1. It is used with both variants like Hardware-Based DSC and File-Based DSC
  2. This is used for signing PDF and XML files
  3. This tool comes with the feature of embedding text, graphics, and description
  4. We can set the timer also of signing
  5. We can set our coordinates of the signature box along with signature
  6. It comes with the option of API integration as well
  7. It has an option of “multi-user” model where the same license can be used for multiple machines [need not to be put on server]
  8. This tool has an important aspect where we can maintain the “original file path” of the source file.

Business Benefits

  • Automate and make the business process paperless
  • Provide security and authentication to the data
  • Document Signing
  • Information Signing
  • Easy and seamless integration with online processes
  • Online Signing
  • Compliance with standards/regulations
  • Organizational Identity
  • Optimize business process efficiencies
  • Cut operational costs
  • The automated signing of files of any format (fast signing speed)

 Document Signer Certificates for organizations are designed to generate maximum output using the optimum use of resources. Multiple profiles can run simultaneously ensuring thousands of files are getting signed making it a blazing fast files signing solution.


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