Foreign National DSC


Foreign National DSC

Dsc for foreign nationals can be given to approve Foreign nationals to conduct any online exchanges securely. These Class 3 Digital Signature can be given to Foreign National after accommodation of required documents and by following appropriate validation. Class 3 Foreign National Organization client DSC can be utilized for eTendering, eProcurement, eBidding, eAuction on all administration, semi-government, PSUs, Private portals in India.

Digital Signature for Foreign Organization can be given to any representative who is residing in India and working for the concerned association. Citizens of different nations or their organizations, as well as Indian nationals abroad, can apply for a digital signature to securely transact in the nation.

Documents required for DSC for Foreign National

Proof of Identity( All given below)
 Attested copy of passport.
 Attested copy of VISA (If applicants are not living in their native country).
 Attested copy of Resident Permit Certificate (if applicant is presently in India) Note: i) Attested copy of PAN is mandatory if applicant has a PAN.
Proof of Address (Choose from options below)
 Attested copy of passport (with address included).
 Attested copy of any other Government/Bank issued documents.
Benefits of using DSC for Foreign National
 These DSCs help in making your online transactions secure and authentic.
 It helps in establishing ownership of a domain.
 The foreigner companies who want to trade and even the Indian NRIs who are filing income tax returns, accessing e-tenders, signing web applications and web pages without relying on a user name and password.
These certificates are easy to authenticate and validate the information. The user can reach our sales team using the dedicated number to buy foreign individual DSC. Besides, you can also visit our website to know more about the DSCs in detail.
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