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Digital Signature for E-Tendering

DSC for e-tendering

For companies who engage in or want to participate in tendering processes, run either by the government or by other private companies, applying for a DSC is indispensable. A DSC not only acts a medium for e-Tendering, it makes the process transparent and effortless.

Under the Information Technology Act, it is legally incumbent for all e-procurement processes to have a Digital Signature Certificate. Another great advantage is that with documents being uploaded centrally, receipts are promptly available. If you are handling paper documents on the other hand, you must scan and verify them before forwarding them for processing.

With greater popularity and recognition accorded to e-Procurement, an improved transparency now marks the system. Other advantages of using DSC in E-tendering is that it helps overcome physical boundaries, significantly bringing down the costs involved and helps the bidder keep in step with rapidly changing technology.

A class 3 DSC is essential, for any organization looking to apply for any Government e-Tender. Note: The DSC must be registered only under the name of person authorized for online submission of e-Tenders.

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